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Financial Planning Sydney

Most people overlook the difference between strategy and investment advice

JAS Wealth is a financial planning firm located in Sydney. We have developed a five stage financial planning process in order to achieve the following:

  • Make a distinct separation between financial planning strategy and the end investment decision.
  • Attempt to manage the emotions of making decisions about money by logically building through the elements of advice.
  • Ensure that our dealings with clients are consistent and that our interests remain aligned.

At JAS Wealth this five step process is a logical progression, where each step is as crucial as the next in reaching your financial planning objective. We call it quality advice, based on independent thinking.

Watch the five stage process in action here

Stage 1: Strategy

This stage is not unique to JAS Wealth, in that we conduct an in depth fact find on your current financial circumstance. We then identify the recommended strategy, and provide this to you in a detailed financial plan, which then forms the road ...

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Stage 2: Core Asset Allocation

At its most basic element, a core asset allocation is the framework for allocating your investments in order to reach your financial goal with a minimum of risk. In this stage we aim to gain an understanding of your risk tolerance and investmen...

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Stage 3: Tactical Asset Allocation

Tactical asset allocation is about actively interpreting financial and economic information, anticipating the implications to your wealth and making adjustments to your asset class weightings. Just as “a rising tide will lift all boats&r...

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Stage 4: Macro-Investment Decisions

Stage 4 is the first stage in the advisory process where a decision to make an investment may result. Once we know whether we want to add to our investments, or alternatively take a more defensive stance the next decision involves how to best a...

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Stage 5: Micro-Investment Decisions

Having developed through the first 4 stages we can attempt to make the next logical investment decision, an example is as follows:

  • Stage 3 resulted in a decision to decrease our Australian equity allocation;

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