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Financial Advice Sydney

We help successful individuals manage their wealth, using the best products, services and investments available in the market today

JAS Wealth is a financial advice firm located in Sydney. We recognise that there are distinct life stages, each requiring differing levels of strategic financial advice. We call it quality advice, based on independent thinking.

To us financial planning is not a one size fits all sales process. Financial planning is about building a strategic road map from which to base financial decisions. Personalised financial advice with relevance to your particular life stage can make all the difference when it comes to the wealth you accumulate over your lifetime.

To ensure that we provide strategic financial advice in a structured and consistent manner we have developed a five stage advisory process.

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Financial Positioning

In the early stages it is all about financial positioning. Making sure you don’t get caught with too much debt, you start to put an investment strategy in place, become aware of this thing called super that you can’t touch for many ...

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Wealth Accumulation

The next stage of your life coincides with increasing earnings but also increased costs. You start a family, start a business, take on new responsibilities at work and have increased pressures on your time. You need to stay on your long term pa...

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Retirement Planning

Next is the retirement planning phase, you have done most of the heavy lifting and are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In this stage you want to ensure that all your hard work can be translated into a position of financial ...

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Lifestyle Funding

The lifestyle funding (full retirement) phase is where you begin to feel a sense of accomplishment, you reflect on your decisions to date and look back and recognise what you have achieved. You are worried about leaving a regular income from em...

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