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Employee Financial Wellness

We take great pride in helping individuals get on top of their finances and we want to help as many people as possible. Over time we recognised that one of the most efficient ways to achieve this was to target employers.

For employers we would ask:

  • Are your employees financially healthy?
  • How much human resources time is taken up on issues concerning employee superannuation?
  • Are financial concerns distracting your employees and making them less productive?
  • Do you offer employees financial incentives that they don’t appreciate because they don’t understand?
  • Do you have a financial education program in place?

Studies both domestically and overseas have consistently shown that financial literacy is a significant challenge. There is no point in our lives when we are taught about our wealth and it is certainly not a topic one can pick up by osmosis.

So What Does this Mean for Employers?

Personal financial issues affect employee productivity. In fact some studies suggest that up to 97% of employees spend time at work either thinking or worrying about their finances.

Imagine a workforce that were financially secure in their own right? We suspect that you would have a workforce less motivated by increases in their salary and more motivated to be a happy, productive employees. This can only be a good thing for your business.

A common theme we see amongst individuals is that they are currently earning enough, they are just not being efficient with the dollars they earn. This is where we come in.

Our Personal Trainer for Your Wealth Approach

At JAS Wealth, we take a personal trainer for your wealth approach to helping clients improve their financial literacy. For a small investment per employee we take a comprehensive two pronged approach to financial wellness:

  1. We offer a series of lunch and learn sessions covering the major areas such as budgeting and cashflow management, superannuation, insurances and developing a financial plan.
  2. We combine this with our all powerful wealth portal, to ensure knowledge is not only put to action but regularly reviewed.

Recognising there is no progress unless positive action is taken, we developed the all important second prong. Because of our unique approach and leading systems we are able to get far superior results than other financial educators.

Tailored to Your Business

We don’t just roll out an off the shelf session to our clients. Instead we take time to get to know your business and what it is already doing for employees. For example do you have share purchase plans, do you offer your employees insurance, what is the default superannuation option etc. We tailor our programs to match your employees.


Our base level program starts at $250 / employee / per annum.


In the first instance contact our principal, Joshua Stega on 02 8075 4566 to discuss your options.


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