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You Need To Avoid Investment Losses

10 Jul 2013 11:10 AM - Joshua Stega, Financial Adviser Sydney.

Why should investment losses be avoided at all costs?

Perhaps the most misunderstood element of wealth management is the impact of losses on your long term wealth.

Let's have a closer look at how losses can have such a damaging effect on your wealth.

You are probably surprised that your wealth manager has never explained this to you before. 

Advisers who focus on transactional revenue know that the best thing to do for their clients is to keep them in the game by playing on their emotions, namely fear and greed. In this game it is often one step forward and two steps back for the overall investment performance of your portfolio.

Do you use stop losses?

The Wealth Guy | Joshua Stega Financial Adviser Sydney

Joshua Stega, is head of financial advice at JAS Wealth (privately owned financial planning firm in Sydney). He helps successful individuals manage their wealth. He has a Masters in Taxation & Financial Planning, is a Fellow of the Taxation Institute, a SMSF Specialist Advisor and has significant direct investment experience.    Google+     Twitter     LinkedIn     Facebook     Instagram

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